That's right it's www.UkuleleTuner.Online not .com, which is now a thing. Bookmark the page if you like our free tuner. It will work on your laptop or mobile phone. Make sure your volumn is turned up.
Tuning your ukulele can be very easy with a little practice. Play each reference note on our web page before turning each knob on your ukulele.
It will take some practice to hear which direction you should start turning the knob to match our website's reference pitch(note). I usually error on the side of caution and start by loosening the string to hear of it gets closer in pitch. Over tightening a string may cause it to snap. With practice you will learn if your ukulele string is sharp(higher) or flat(lower) than the pitch online, and know which direction to instinctively tune it. A properly tuned string will sound pleasant to the ear when played compared to the online note. If the two sounds warble or create a disonance, then it still needs tuning. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer
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